1. Finnish lakeland

    kayakport.com presents:
    Forests, crystal clear waters, silence of the woods, tinkling sounds of paddling, smell of the Nordic summer.
    wilderness, kayaks 100% Finland, - THAT’S IT!
    Recommended to those:
    Longing for adventure, loving to be on the go, wishing to get know the secrets, liking to just meditate in silence, having fun staring at a lakeside campfire, being curious and open minded.

    Early bird discount:
    Get a 10% discount off the participation fee by registering and placing your deposit before 15th May 2017!
    Group discounts before 25th May 2017: 10% for 2 person; 15% for 3-5 person, 20% for 6-10 person.

    Max. number of participants: 10 person.



    1st day
    Arrive at Helsinki Vantaa airport. Transfer to our base in Anttola (250 kms from Helsinki). En route we stop for filling up our groceries for the tour. Getting familiar with the neighborhood and assembling our kayak gear.

    2nd day
    In the morning we kick off from Anttola, heading to East we reach the Southern shore of Härönsaari. After a right turn we continue on southward between a series of adjacent islets. In the afternoon we arrive at Linnunpäänselkä. Setting up our campsite on the Southern beach.

    3rd day
    After breakfast we pass the Lietveden bridge, from which point we continue southbound. Paddling through the open water of Lietvesi we arrive at Soukanniemi beach. (Camping here for two nights)

    4th day
    Full day kayaking trip around the archipelago of Liimattalansaari. We’ll have the opportunity to stop and rest at several picturesque sites during the day. Returning back to Soukanniemi beach in the afternoon.

    5th day
    Paddling southbound on Lietvesi the landscape keeps being no less breathtaking. We make a south-shore turn at Haapasaari island to arrive at its west-shore campsite in the afternoon.

    6th day
    Passing the narrow strait between Ukonsaari and Eteissaari we paddle under the Ruokotaipaleentie bridge to arrive at another larger body of water: Ruokovesi. Direction from here is West, we look for a campsite on Korkia island.

    7th day
    Our next stop and one of the highlights of our tour is the Astuvansalmi Rock Pantings dating back 5000 years in human history and assumedly being a cultic ceremony site in prehistoric times.
    From here we turn to the North and on the narrow waterways we arrive to Haapakaarre lake, where we set camp at the north shore.

    8th day
    Kayaking back to the northern region between narrow and high rock formations, exploring secret corners and caves. In the afternoon we arrive back to our starting point. After disassembling our kayaks we spend the night at Anttola base.

    9th day
    Transfer back to Helsinki Vantaa Airport. Optional: 4 hours Sightseeing in Helsinki (Helsinki Cathedral, Esplanade Park, Senate Square, Olympic Stadium, Museum of Contemporary Art)

    Individually by scheduled flight to Helsinki. Within Finland we organize transport for the participants.

    Tents (optionally guesthouses, bungalows. In case you have special needs just let us know, if there is a difference in pricing it will be collected from you.

    Self-supply. Wherever supplies are privately inaccessible (on the lake) we collect a flat rate of 25 euro per day for meals and drinks (three times daily, alcoholic and soft beverages not included). We are eager to guarantee that not only the landscapes but also our encounters with Finnish gastronomy would be memorable.

    Basic info: 
    Electricity: 220V 50Hz (European plugs fit). Tips: no fixed tips, rounded amounts recommended at restaurants, cabs. Languages: Finnish, English. Time zone GMT+2. Currency: euro. Many local ATMs are accepting foreign cards but don’t count on them in rural areas.

    Mostly warm and dry during the summer, with daily max. temperatures around 25-30 °C. It gets cold during the nights, so one needs to bring a couple of long-sleeves shirts or a pullover (it serves well on a long-haul flight, too). It’s recommended to bring a hat, sunblock cream, and sunglasses to protect from the intense sunshine.

    It’s important to put all important and expensive items in the hand luggage (passport, cash, credit cards etc.). Don’t leave any sharp or pointed items (knife, scissors etc.) in the hand luggage or in your pockets as they would be confiscated by airport staff, you should put them in the checked in luggage instead.
    Bring with yourself: tent, sleeping bag/hammock, camping gear, knife, utensil, water bottles, mosquito repellent/net, sanitary kit, medications, deck-bag, touring gear, rain coat, warm clothing, headlamp/torch, sunscreen, swimming suit, hat, waterproof shoes/sandals,

    Finland is a member of the EU and belongs to the Schengen area. Check the visa requirements and possible exceptions for your country at http://formin.finland.fi/public/default.aspx?nodeid=15720&contentlan=2&culture=en-US

    All participants are required to hold and present their full luggage and accident insurance covering the period of the travel prior to the beginning of the tour. We reserve the right to exclude passengers from participation without a valid insurance. In case you would like us to provide you with an insurance, please tell us in advance.

    Recommended medication to bring with you: pain killers, antipyretics, antispasmodics, anti-diarrhoea drugs, tapes, disinfectants, antiseptics
    etc. The tour leaders can only give you first aid but are not entitled by law to provide you with medications. There are no recommended vaccinations. For further information turn to your local health authorities.

    Participation fee: 540 euro (payment methods: direct bank transfer or Paypal payments are accepted)

    which contains:
    - all transfers and all domestic transports (minibus)
    - all rental fees (kayaking equipment)
    - professional folding kayaks
    - paddles
    - sprayskirts
    - waterproof bag
    - life west
    - tour leading in English

    Participation fee does not contain:
    Air ticket, visa fees, meals, entrance fees, optional activities, insurance, accommodation, tips.
    A down payment of 200 euro to be paid upon registration and the balance is due 30 days prior to departure.

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